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How to get There

Zighy Bay is located 75 miles (120 kilometers), or a 120-minute drive from Dubai International Airport (DXB), which is the gateway city to Six Senses Zighy Bay.

Owing to the unique location of Six Senses Zighy Bay, guests have the choice of three arrival experiences. The dramatic 4x4 drive down from the top of the hill overlooking the bay is the usual arrival method. For a supplementary charge, they can take a scenic fifteen-minute speed boat trip from a nearby port. For the ultimate arrival experience, they can travel as a companion passenger with the Six Senses’ professional paraglider. 

Resort Transfers:

View directions from Dubai International Airport

As per governing law from the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman, no alcohol is permitted on your person when crossing the border.

Please note that flying drones is prohibited in Oman and it is not allowed in the resort premises.

For Visa and Border Pass requirements, please see the Quick Reference below.

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Quick Reference

Visa Requirements:
Visa's for Oman and UAE (if flying into Dubai and taking an overland transfer) must be obtained by some visitors before traveling to Six Senses Zighy Bay. Our reservations agents will be able to assist with specific information as to whether your passport will require a visa or not.

UAE Tourist Visa: Visitors traveling with a UAE tourist visa need to submit the passport copy or passport details minimum of three working days prior to the arrival date to obtain a border pass to cross the UAE-Oman check point. There is No Oman visa required neither there will be any Entry/Exit stamp on your passport. You will use the same single entry UAE Tourist visa to take your flight back home from UAE.

GCC Citizens can visit on their Identity Card or passport, and do not require a border pass.

UAE Residents: Visitors holding UAE Resident visas are requested to send us a copy of the first page of their passport and UAE Resident visa, three or more days prior to travel, in order to process the border pass. A border pass is required as per the regulation set by the UAE crossing Dibba transitional border for all UAE Residents visa holders. The border pass will be processed by the resort (it is free of charge) and it will remain at the Dibba checkpoint. Please ensure you carry your Passports and UAE labour card along with you, upon entering Dibba Oman as you will be asked at the checkpoint.

UAE regulations prescribe that females 18 and under who are residents of the UAE and are travelling without husband, father or brother from the UAE into Oman should carry specific documentation. If the resident is:

      • Sponsored by a company, a letter stating so, printed on company letterhead and signed and stamped with the company seal.
      • Sponsored by their husband, the husband is required to enter such information on a letter to be carried by the resident together with a copy of the husband’s UAE ID. If the husband, father of brother accompanies the resident, then this document is not required.
      • Sponsored by a college or university, the organization will provide a signed and sealed letter stating so.
      • GCC nationals and non-UAE resident guests are not required to have this documentation.

As per governing law from the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman, no alcohol is permitted on your person when crossing the border.

Airlines to fly with
Direct flights are available from most major international cities to Dubai (DXB)

Languages Spoken
Arabic is the official Language however, English is widely understood.  At Six Senses Zighy bay we have very international hosts, who speak French, German, Hindi, Tagalog.

Time zone
GMT +4 hours

Driving Coordinates
Longitude:   56.27325
Latitude:      25.70879

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