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The Douro ecosystem comprises roughly 3,500 different botanical species and being classified as an UNESCO World heritage site means all of the stakeholders in the region have a strict obligation to the environment. Six Senses Douro Valley has protected a four-hectare woodland on the property with old growth trees so it has a commitment to being part of this sustainable environment. 

Six Senses Douro Valley, Six Senses Spa and our hosts are pledged to improving the ecological and carbon footprint from activities associated with the resort and spa operations. We continuously monitor our performance and responsible activities against the targets and goals set by Six Senses, which are adjusted, amended and acted upon wherever appropriate.

Organic Garden
Environmental Responsibility

To support our environmental and social sustainability activities we have developed policies and procedures in line with Six Senses standards. These policies and procedures are renewed at least annually to ensure that we are always current in our approaches.

For example, Six Senses mineralized water is produced on-site so as to reduce the carbon footprint associated with packaging and transporting quality water. We are establishing an organic vegetable garden, composting and a curing center for meat and fish.

Wherever possible and feasible, we give preference to the employment of persons living in the Douro Valley and region, local products and services which do not adversely affect the resort's operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts. We have gone into partnership with a local farmer to use his land for a vegetable patch and fruit orchard, challenging ourselves to become gradually more self-sufficient every year.

We separate organic garbage, plastic, cardboard and glass, and have a certified green refuse collector that comes to the resort twice a week to collect it. We monitor on a daily basis our water consumption, gas and electricity. Meters are installed in major energy consumption areas such as the spa, kitchen and laundry to be able to track energy usage more effectively. The resort has a program to convert all lighting to LED. We are also self-sufficient when it comes to fire wood that we obtain from pruning and cleaning our trees.

Bottling water plant
Social Responsibility

Bagos D’ouro will receive funding from our water bottling initiatives. Bagos d'Ouro Association’s objective is to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children and youngsters from the Douro Valley region, by monitoring their school careers and creating opportunities for the development of successful life projects. The Association believes, as does Six Senses Douro Valley, that children of today are our future. 

We make it possible for guests to donate to the sustainability fund, already funded with 50 percent of Six Senses Water sales. 

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