Vinod Narayanan

Vinod Narayanan
Visiting Practitioner

Vinod comes from Kerala, India the home of ayurvedic medicine. His ayurvedic studies were completed in India where he obtained a Diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare Practice and Panchakarma. He then travelled to Germany and Holland where he helped develop Ayurvedic centres and train therapists in Ayurvedic treatments. In 2014, he joined the Six Senses Spa at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives as an ayurvedic practitioner. 

In addition to his expertise in ayurvedic treatments, he specializes in natural healing and nutrition. He is a health and fitness coach and also conducts Laughter Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Pranayama classes. He also specializes in Shiatsu and his later studies led him to the practice of Tibetan Singing Bowl therapies. His calm and approachable character in addition to his extensive experience puts guests at ease and results in lengthy discussions due to his abundant wealth of knowledge. He takes great pleasure in helping people finding their inner peace and reconnecting to themselves.

Himalayan Sound Healing meets Shirodara
Shirodara is an Ayurvedic treatment concentrating on the third eye and helps eliminate stress and insomnia by balancing the penal gland. In the Himalayan culture sound was used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation and self-transformation. Thibetan singing bowls produce a distinct sound through vibration creating a positive effect towards spiritual healing. This unique signature treatment subtly combines the pouring of warm medicated oil on the third eye and sound healing, leading to a higher level of relaxation and ‘lacher prise’.

The Spirit of Kerala
This journey starts with a private consultation to determine the guest’s dosha. It continues with a scalp massage, followed by a full body massage with a hot compress made with fresh and local herbs, and ends with an ayurvedic body scrub.

A traditional Ayurvedic treatment that helps maintain overall health and creates a deep feeling of stability, warmth and comfort. The oil prepared and used for this treatment will be chosen according to the guest’s dosha thus creating a tailor-made experience.

Shiatsu and Marma Touch
The shiatsu technique works on the meridian lines, which are the energy lines of the body. The marma points are the juncture where two or more body structure elements, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints meet. With this treatment the marma points will be stimulated with a hot compress to balance the prana or energy in the body and the shiatsu will help increase energy flow. It’s a revitalizing experience ideal to eliminate tiredness caused by travelling and daily stress.

Laughing Yoga
The perfect way to start your day. Laughing helps the brain release “happy” hormones and increases the intake of oxygen. It is a funny way to do cardio without a personal trainer.

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