VP Ryko Kalinko

Ryko Kalinko
Visiting Practitioner

Ryko Kalinko has travelled the world studying natural healing methods for the last 18 years. His experience is drawn from a number of traditions including the Ayurvedic, Taoist, Kahuna, Maori, Australian Indigenous, Hermetic and Kabbalistic traditions. 

He has been recognized as a Ngunkari (traditional healer) by Indigenous Elders of Central Australia, has been encouraged to teach meditation and healing by Maori elders, and has been authorised to teach Taoist meditation by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Ryko has worked extensively as a wellness mentor and healer throughout the globe, most recently as Master-in-Residence at Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives and at One&Only Hayman Island in Australia. He has taught thousands of people how to feel and use internal power for healing and vitality.

Guided Chi Healing
By combining meditation and massage, this treatment is an initiation into the feeling of Qi within the body. With specific guidance, Ryko shows you how to become aware of and move energy in the body, both for relaxation as well as deep healing. Using simple breathing and awareness exercises, as well as specific energy holds, this treatment allows you to become aware of and resolve energy blockages and unconscious patterns of tension within the body easily and gently. Especially useful in addressing chronic aches and pains, this treatment further provides the tools for individual development of energy cultivation.

Remedial massage
Ryko’s core expertise is in relieving bodily aches and pains. Using techniques drawn from both the Western and Eastern massage traditions, Ryko can locate and solve most muscular issues by tracing them to their source. Even chronic pain can often be addressed within one or a few sessions. If you have been suffering from acute or chronic pain in a specific part or parts of the body, then this treatment is for you.

Hawaiian Bodywork
Utilising the specialised flowing movements of the Hawaiian bodywork tradition, this full-body treatment is the ultimate relaxation experience. This form of therapy is designed to emulate the action of rolling waves against the shore of the body, eroding and dissolving tension. It can also be used to address specific bodily complaints.

This extremely powerful form of therapy is based on a light touch or non-touch influencing of the energy body. Reiki has been described as “food for the immortal body”.

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