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Richard Inskip
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Here at MSD Pro Sport Massage, we believe that you have to be accomplished and confident in your field and be a true professional.  Richie is a true professional with aim to witness people getting better, whether in terms of their health or to be better at their sport. We aim to inspire individuals and hope that you will leave our care with your hopes and dreams back in tact.

After graduating in 2001 with a BSc (hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, Richie went on to work with and manage some of the most established brands in the board sport indsutry. Fifteen years later Richie went back to school to continue studying his passion: sports injury and rehabilitation. After graduating from the LSSM with a BTEC level 5 Professional Diploma Clinical Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy, Richie set up MSD Pro Sport Massage. Always continuing in professional development Richie has also trained in IASTM, performance recovery, strapping and taping as well as myofascial release. Richie’s area of expertise lies within sports injuries, ruptures, dislocations, tendon and ligament disorders as well

Sports Massage

After assessment we would look at employing several remedial soft tissue techniques and stretching techniques to treat the identified issues / problems. As well as increased range of movement we would look to relieve tension and stress in the muscle and endeavor to realign the body / injured or painful area. We can achieve immediate results through the soft tissue techniques we employ. Increased range of movement, relaxation and reduction of pain.

We would then prescribe remedial exercise to help strengthen the area, encourage positive muscle function and look to treat the problem at the source.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a process in which we use a set of hand held instruments to break down the scar tissue and fascial restrictions in soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves).

So why do we need to mobilise your fascia? Fascia in its healthy state is smooth, supple and slides easily allowing you to move and stretch to your full length in any direction and returning to its original state. Unfortunately, it's very unlikely that your fascia maintains its optimal flexibility, shape or texture. Lack of activity will cement the once-supple fibres into place. Chronic stress causes the fibres to thicken in an attempt to protect our muscle. Poor posture, lack of flexibility and repetitive movements pull the fascia into ingrained patterns. Adhesions form within the stuck and damaged fibre(s like snags in a sweater), and once they've formed they're hard to get rid of. That is where we come in.

There are four types of receptors found in the superficial fascia, located just under the surface of the skin. By using the hand held tools, we are able to mobilise the fascia and help restore it to its more relaxed, smooth and gliding stated. This also stimulates the central nervous system and allows the body to essentially reboot the area.

Kinesiology taping
Here at MSD Pro Sport Massage we are huge advocates of Kinesiology taping. We work directly with the leading brand in this field, ROCKTAPE, and have studied under their program to become an accredited Rock Doc.

Kinesiology taping is a rehabilitation technique that is designed to facilitate the body natural healing ability. As it is almost identical to human skin in its thickness and elasticity, it also provides a good level of muscular skeletal support. We use Kinesiology taping to treat and benefit a huge variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. It is also great for performance recovery, reduction in inflammation and immediate pain relief. Through the decompression of the fasica pressure is relieved on the pain receptors, offering immediate pain release.

We aim to employ our taping techniques and the concepts on which they are based to effectively treat virtually any problem within the musculoskeletal system.

Often included in Session one or Two, can be done independently
**Info only on Stickmobility
Stickmobility is not a multi level or affiliate marketing. They have distributors in certain territories with the main business being based in the US. Any demand for the sticks can be supplied direct through the US head office.

The main difference and as stable is that the sticks are flexible with special rubber handles and ends, these stick to the floor and other surfaces to help obtain better quality movement. This allows the sticks to bend and create tension through stretches and certain movements, putting muscle tissue under specific tension and activation improves the quality of the movement. This has a very positive effect such as increased flexibility, strength conditioning as well as improved range of movement.

I was initially very sceptical but was invited on the course free of charge, after the first day my view had changed significantly. The sticks are being distributed in the Uk by the same firm who manages Rocktape, hence the invitation to train with the stick (as I am Rocktape ambassador). Maybe check out their Instagram page @stickmobility as it might offer a different insight into the product. There are also some videos and info on my instagram (@MSD_Prosporttherapy). I would be more than happy to run you through some of benefits and perhaps a training session with the sticks whilst in Laamu. Quite a few NFL teams and professional baseball teams are implementing the use of the sticks for their players and the response has been great. The brand are very excited for their future.

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