SSNVB Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker
Visiting Practitioner

Cameron is an intuitive healer, yoga teacher and massage therapist who adapts his treatments to suite individual needs by bringing a balance between our physical and emotional mind and spiritual aspects. Cameron spends a large part of the year at special needs children’s schools in India, working with children, their families and teachers.

Cameron’s particular expertise helps inner development and those suffering from stress and anxiety, disturbed sleep, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, headaches and digestive disorders.

Cranio- sacral Therapy
This treatment uses subtle hands-on techniques to sense the cerebral spinal fluid's tide-like rhythms, thereby releasing physical and/or emotional tensions. This in turn allows the body's self-healing abilities to bring the Guest to a holistic balance.  Cranio-sacral Therapy is recommended for those with migraines, back and neck pain, jaw dysfunctions as well as stress, anxiety and emotional traumas.

Breath Work
Beginning with guided breathing, Breath work helps the Guest incorporate a full connected flowing breath into the body. This allows the expansion of the chest, diaphragm and abdomen leading to an opening of the energy channels obtaining a greater level of awareness. By integrating this breathing practice into day-to-day living, the Guest will experience an improvement in overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Pain Relief
An experience recommended for those really tense, knotted and painful areas. Using a variety of muscle release techniques, Cameron will work within your pleasure/pain threshold.

Customized Massage
Through an initial interaction, Cameron assesses and understands a patient's needs. A treatment is then customized using a blend of muscle relaxation, postural work and muscle movements to unlock structural tension and bring the body back to a state of balance.

Families: Understanding Child Development
Through Rudolph Steiner’s teachings, and his experience of working with families, autistic children and in schools, Cameron shares a model of a child growing up from birth, in seven year cycles. Discussing how milestones, environment, diet, play and sensory needs are an important part of early childhood to become an individual in the world.

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