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Azita Angadji
Visiting Practitioner

Azita has been practicing Bowen Therapy for almost a decade. In 2003 she received a certificate in Feng Shui that began her quest for healing energies. Next she learned Ashtanga Yoga to train her mind to be fully present. During yoga training she discovered Bowen Therapy. It started with a personal journey as a mother seeking a solution for her son.

Azita has worked with clients facing a range of issues, including autism, cerebral palsy, cancer, paralysis, and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and burn-out. Her passion is to ‘help people to awaken their own inner intuition and healing system’

Bowen Therapy
Bowen is a holistic natural and gentle treatment that stimulates the body's own self healing process. The body is reactivated by the gentle pressure the practitioner applies on specific points on the muscles. After each move body is given a two minutes break in order for these moves to deliver a signal to the nervous system. The body does the rest of the work by responding in its own time and bring back the body to total relaxation, balance and health. This type of therapy can be used to heal physical ailments such as ligament joints, muscle tension, posture alignment, digestion, immunity, asthma and body pains such as migraine, neck, back and shoulder ache. It can also be used to heal emotional ailments such as stress, anxiety, burn-out, insomnia and depression.

Louis Hay Coaching
In a one-hour session, Azita will work with the client to listen and give them tools to help them heal themselves. This can apply in personal relationships, career or health. The healing can be in the area of forgiveness, confidence, self love, self esteem and happiness.

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