Douro Valley

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Six Senses Douro Valley
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Six Senses Douro Valley
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Six Senses Douro Valley
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Six Senses Douro Valley
Quinta do Vallado
Six Senses Douro Valley


Join in a variety of wine-influenced activities including wonderful wine and dine Douro River cruises, fascinating wine certificate program and visits to some of the nearby historic wineries where you will meet the winemakers. You’ll have the opportunity to be a winemaker for the day and in-season, you’ll be able to participate in the age-old tradition of stomping the grapes to commence the vintage.

Quinta do Vallado
Wine Experiences

Visit some of the oldest wineries in the world producing vintages from the valley’s vine-filled terraces; join the fascinating wine certificate program, unique harvest activities and more.

Douro River Cruise
The Historic Valley

Discover a diverse range of attractions and activities, from prehistoric rock art sites to excursions by foot or vehicle to picturesque villages, historic churches, castles and river cruises. 


Get away and spend precious time with someone special. These exclusive adventures are your key to a fascinating holiday and include treats for all your senses.

River Kayaking
Family Experiences

The beautiful Douro Valley region has many activities that can be enjoyed as a family. For example, turn back the clock and share the youthful exuberance of tree climbing. The river also offers the opportunity for canoeing and water skiing, with boat trips being a highlight. Perhaps take a leisurely outing with the family on a cycling excursion or an even more leisurely picnic in the woods.


Six Senses Douro Valley offers a very special setting for a wedding celebration. Touched with the romance of the 19th century, the sun-kissed valley creates memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll assist will every last beautiful detail to make so.

Business Center
Meetings and Events

There’s several unique alternatives at Six Senses Douro Valley in which to conduct a small meeting. The setting is ideal for focused discussions and presentations, with wonderful options for breakouts, combined activities and dining.