Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro
Visiting Practitioner

Rui is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. He graduated from the Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine in China and holds a postgraduate diploma in Cosmetic Acupuncture from CMIR/ACUMEDIC London and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is an expert in diagnosis and has worked in hospitals in China and clinics in London and Portugal.

He is responsible for the Chinese Medicine Department of St. Louis Hospital in Lisbon and is the clinical director of Clinica Cura Pura in Aveiro.  With 16 years of clinical practice, he is a passionate and dedicated professional, and a lifetime student and researcher of Chinese medicine.

Quit Smoking for Life
You may have tried to quit smoking before but the withdrawal symptoms raised anxiety and the fight became too difficult. Don’t let that put you off. There is a more natural, painless and effective solution with electro acupuncture with our Visiting Practitioner Rui.  His average success rate is 85 percent and there is no need for patches, gum or pills afterwards. What’s more, it helps you get through all the stages related to quitting such as anxiety control and weight gain.

Quit Smoking and Relax,
Add on an extra half an hour to maximize the treatment benefits and help the body’s healing process.

Pain Management and Relax
Imagine a life with chronic pain that is so agonizing and disabling that it takes away your ability to enjoy even the smallest things in life. Rui’s session starts with a diagnostic consultation in which he identifies the root of your symptoms and decides which areas of the body to treat. Acupuncture needles are then applied and you will be left resting to maximize the treatment benefits. The session concludes with practical advice on how to help the body’s healing process and prevent pain.

Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro, Visiting Practitioner, will be visting:

Six Senses Spa Kuwait
April 3 - 22
Six Senses Spa Mykonos
July 27 - August 5

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